Warning! This new PayPal invoice scam is a new Tech Support Scam

A new scam is on the rise which is using PayPal as a modus operandi. We received one such email in which it looked like an invoice from PayPal. At first, we were also unsure what the charge is for, however, upon examining the email address it was from we were rest assured it is a scam email.

The scamsters are evolving and so as their techniques of scamming people. The content of the such email is as follows:


Now we will explain what to do when you receive such emails and how to identify if it is a fraud email or not:

  1. Check the email address it is from
  2. Never call any number that is given in such emails
  3. PayPal will only send emails from its own domain that is PayPal.com. If you receive any emails with Gmail addresses never rely on these emails.
  4. In case of any doubts call your bank or credit card company to check with them if any charge may have happened or not.

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