Russia increases the cyberattacks against the countries supporting Ukraine

The Russian intelligence agencies have increased the cyberattacks against the countries supporting Ukraine. Various malware like GRU, SVR, and FSB, linked to Russia’s intelligence services have already tried to breach dozens of websites globally.

Accordingly, the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center has identified a Russian network invasion on almost 128 targets in 42 countries, outside Ukraine. Around 49 per cent of the attacks targeted the government agencies and another 12 per cent attacked the NGOs. The defence sectors, as well as the IT companies, were on the target list of the Russian agencies.

Microsoft has also stated that since the Russia-Ukraine war, the Russian malware has succeeded in about 29 per cent of their attacks. Also, in April, the Russian hackers were behind the dozens of cyber attack attempts which targeted Ukraine’s infrastructure.

Russia has mainly targeted the United States more than any other country that supported Ukraine. Russia’s destructive malware has taken down the systems of the U.S and has tried to breach the websites of the country.