Pro Russian hacking group XakNet targets Ukraine DTEK company

The Russian hacking group XakNet probably targets Ukraine’s biggest private energy DTEK company. Moreover, Russian hackers have started a ‘cyberattack’ on Ukraine amid the war in Ukraine.

This hacking incident was revealed after the DTEK company’s owner Rinat Akhmetov, who is considered as Ukraine’s richest man, sued Russia for allegedly costing him billions of dollars in property rights damages case.

The biggest Ukraine private company DTEK owns coals and thermal power plants in numerous places within Ukraine.

However, the hackers group claimed to be violating DTEK’s network this week and shared numerous screenshots on telegram apps as a proof.

Additionally, the Ukraine company revealed that the hackers wanted to disable technological processes, create disturbance in the company and to ‘leave Ukrainians without electricity.’

But simultaneously, the DTEK didn’t report any complaints of break – down caused by this incident.

What is XakNet hacking team?

XakNet is a Russian hacking team which was developed when Russia invaded Ukraine. Apart from this physical war, these two countries also declared a ‘Cyber War’ against each other.

Many companies have been hacked by the universal hacking group anonymous collective. Many of the data has since been released by the anonymous collective.

Similarly, XakNet hacking team came up for supporting Russia in this war. Also, the DTEK company has been targeted by hacking teams since 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea.

‘The company makes every effort to ensure the stable operation of Ukraine’s energy system during the war and to ensure uninterrupted power supply to Ukrainian consumers’, DTEK commented on Friday.