On Victory day Russia’s Federal State Service Website hacked and 188 MB of their database leaked by Anonymous Collective

On the occasion of Russia’s Victory Day parade, an Anonymous collective has claimed to have hacked Russia’s Federal State Service Website. According to the post shared by the collective, around 188 MB of data has been breached.

Anonymous has been running its campaign against Russia under the name of #oprussia. The message the anonymous collective has given to Russia is that they will keep on doing these cyberattacks until Russia stops its activities in Ukraine.

According to reports, many Ukrainians have since been displaced from their homeland. Many of them have died in this gruesome war already.

There were many acquisitions on the Russians for war-related crimes against the Ukrainians. Since the start of the war Anonymous collective has been the voice of the unheard. They have been attacking the websites since then of Russian origin.

According to the post, it reads, Anonymous has hacked the Russian Federal State Statistics Service (rosstat.gov.ru) and leaked 188MB of their database.

The anonymous collective has called the victory day a shameful day for Russia.