National Health Service (NHS) undergoes an outage after a cyberattack on it

United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) 111 emergency systems were striked by a ongoing breakdown which was triggered by a cyberattack, attacked the systems of British managed service provider (MSP) Advanced.

Advanced’s Adastra, a clinical healthcare management solution was been hit by a major breakdown along with other services of the MSP. The computer system, used to refer the patients from NHS 111 Wales to out-of-hours GP providers were affected by the outage. Around four nations were affected due to this outage in systems in UK. As a precaution, the security experts immediately isolated all of the services of health and care environments.

Initially, the UK public were been advised to access the NHS 111 emergency services through the online platform until the problem is been resolved. However, the public access to the portal now has been blocked by a login form and only allows the customers and employees to have access into it.


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