MetaMask and Phantom warns of a demonic threat, it can steal crypto wallets!

MetaMask and Phantom alerts about a new demonic threat which can expose the user’s crypto wallet secret recovery phrase. This threat actor allows the attackers to take the users NFTs and the cryptocurrency stored within the wallet.

Consequently, the recovery phrases ia also called as ‘seeds’. It is a series of words that does the function of man-read version of wallet. The hackers can then transfer the wallet onto their own devices, leading to theft of all the cryptocurrency and NFTS stored within it.

Consequently, this threat was discovered by Halborn which is an organization to blockchain cybersecurity. Also, Halborn has given a list of several security recommendations for the wallet users on an another webpage. Accordingly, this Demonic threat actor is tracked as CVE-2022-32969. It is caused by how the web browsers save the contents of non-password input fields to the disk as part of their “restore session” system.