International law enforcement operation seized website and domains of WT1SHOP, a widely used criminal marketplace

In recent developments, an international law enforcement initiated an operation and seized the website and domains for WT1SHOP. WT1SHOP is a criminal market hub, which houses stolen credit cards, I.D. cards, and millions of login credentials for sale. 

The U.S Attorney’s Office of the District of Maryland and the FBI, who stated the activities of the sites, jointly conducted the operation. 

According to reports, WT1SHOP facilitated a large marketplace for PII data, one of the largest in the context. Threat actors usually use PII data to buy credentials to take over accounts, credit cards to facilitate online purchases and government I.D. cards for identity theft. 

According to a statement by Vitali Kremez, CEO of AdvIntel, ever since Slilpp takedown, the WTSHOP has been one of the turnkey account shop, which sells compromised accounts and personally identifiable information.

The market hub mainly catered to carders and fraudsters who focused on taking over account activity and providing its service on many underground crime communities. 

WT1SHOP representatives recently initiated promotional activities of their organization on Russian hacking forums and Reddits, which catered to cyber-crime activity. 

According to reports, Portuguese authorities seized WT1SHOP’s website, while the U.S seized as many as four Internet domains, which facilitated access to the marketplace. This includes,,, 

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