How to manage privacy on your smartphone

The matter of digital policy has always been trending for the past several years. Here is how you can protect your privacy on your smartphone.

1- Manage App permissions- There can be the chances that you would have installed an app and ticked all permissions and started using it without considering the access that you permit to that app.

2- Do not use easy account sign-ups- Yes. You shouldn’t use accounts for sign-ups. By doing so you unknowingly give permission to the app to access all your google or social media info to these third-party apps.

3- Turn Off Ad Personalisation: You may have come across various advertisements across various sites that may advertise according to your interest. This happens because, by default, Google and Facebook have ad personalization turned on for your account or you might have accepted cookies, which means that by tracking your usage and using your personal information, relevant ads are shown to you that match your interests.