Eight year old prototype of a Pegasus like spyware system discovered

Reporter Omer Benjakob, recently found screenshots of an early prototype of Pegasus spyware. The prototype is known as Syaphan and was previously intended to be used by the Israeli police. 

The Israeli Police planned on launching this system to the security officials eight years ago. The spyware was intended to be capable of turning infected phones into listening devices. Through the spyware, even the cameras of the phone could be operated. This prototype also had the capability of remote recording. It was not only limited to interception of calls but could actually turn the phone into a recording device. 

The prototype was incorporated with all the hallmarks of a mobile tactical interception system. It had access to call logs and messages, even from encrypted apps like WhatsApp. The prototype was designed back in the year 2014. 

With this spyware, operators also had the option to remotely turn in a phone’s camera. Additionally it could trace movements of its targets. All the information are gathered in this simple system. 

Omer Benjakob asserted that after speaking to some sources, it was known that the present Pegasus isn’t exactly similar to this prototype, but has similarities in terms of its menus, functions and interface. 

This also reminds that along with countries like Spain or UAE, Israel is also a client of Pegasus.