Ecuador Presidency website taken down by anonymous, Know why! 

Ecuador Presidency website and the Ministry of Finance in South America were taken offline in revenge because of arresting the protest leader and in support of the protests against the economic policies.

Consequently, there has been several protests in Ecuador regarding the President’s economic and environmental issues of the country. Also, because Ecuador’s protest leader Leonidas Iza was arrested and in support, the people took revenge on Ecuador’s Presidency website.

However, Iza got freed from custody on the judge’s order. He was released on Tuesday and was been imprisoned for about 24 hours after the government said that he led road blockades and did violent acts that delayed and stopped public services.

The roads in the north and south of Quito, the capital, have been blocked since Monday by the protesters to reduce the price of gasoline, limit oil and mining expansion. Also, the protesters were torching the police cars and public vehicles.