Disneyland deletes racist posts from Facebook, Instagram after accounts hacked

The official Facebook and Instagram accounts of Disneyland Resort were hacked on Thursday after a hacker uploaded content on racism and homophobia to their both pages. There were four different posts that were uploaded to Disneyland’s Instagram page before being deleted by the officials of Disneyland. There are many photos of the same person though it is still not clear whether the same person in the images is responsible for this hack.

In the posts, the hacker claimed to be taking revenge upon Disneyland and even insulted the Disney employees by using racism and homophobia.

In another, the hacker communicated that he was working to develop” COVID20” and had even warned Disneyland to keep themselves safe and to hide before the hacker released this deadly virus.

It was reported that Disneyland Resort’s social media team had removed the racist posts early on Thursday soon after they got published on their social media platforms. A Disneyland official stated in a statement shared with Nexstar on Thursday that both the social media accounts of Disneyland’s Resort that is Facebook and Instagram got hacked because of the “super hacker”, but the entire team at Disneyland has worked quickly to remove the objectionable content, the team has secured the account successfully and the security teams are even conducting an investigation regarding this matter.

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