Anonymous leaks around 47.8 MB and over 373k records of microloans!

Anonymous collective violated and hacked around 47.8 MB and over 373,000 records. Consequently, they leaked and released all of the records online. The hackers also made the company’s website server inaccessible. The data hacked by the Anonymous collective is available on the telegram via this link:

Anonymous has been running this campaign against Russia since the war started between Russia and Ukraine.

A Twitter user @PucksReturn posted, “#Anonymous #OpRussia major breach and hack 47.8mb leaked & over 373k records released The main activity of the company microloans to individuals and entrepreneurs. Headquartered in Moscow #Russia #Ukraine #UkraineRussianWar”

Check out the tweet,

Consequently, the hackers targeted microloan companies, which provide loans to small businesses, individuals, and entrepreneurs. This microloan company is headquartered in Moscow, Russia.