Anonymous collective plans civil resistance against Russia

Anonymous collective has collected thousands of phone numbers of the Duma employees, high-ranking politicians and other officials from Russia.

Consequently, Anonymous announced this news on their Twitter handle by saying, ” We have collected the phone numbers of thousands of Duma employees, employees of the Ministry of War and Economy, mid-level administrators and high-ranking politicians from Russia.


Click on the button & start a call!



#OpRussia #Anonymous”

Accordingly, they conveyed the followers to join an civil intervention against the war by calling after clicking on the link. According to them, around 5,230 calls have made. Also they stated that by calling on the site can bring a lot of chaos to the Russian government. Hence, by this, Russians won’t be able to call or coordinate with their soldiers or can make any plan against Ukraine.

Consequently, the aim of initiative is to block the Russian lines, creating civil resistance to support Ukraine. Because, itʼs a war in Ukraine. Tankers, air raids and soldiers with weapons is destroying Ukraine. And by making this calls Duma employees will get irritated which can fail their plan against Ukraine.