Anonymous collective hacks the Russian psychology and consulting website • Cross Site Scripting!

The anonymous collective has now hacked the Russian psychology and consulting website, Cross-Site Scripting also called XSS to support Ukraine. The Russian site now shows the anonymous image stating “Stop the War”. The Russian sites have continuously been attacked by hackers and increasing the cyberwar.

Cross-site scripting attacks are a type of injection that injects virus code into safe websites. However, rather than attack the application’s host, XSS attacks the application’s users directly.

Consequently, if the organisations or companies running web applications leave the door open for XSS attacks, they could be hacked. But writing secure code and testing for any vulnerabilities can prevent and repair the viruses allowing for XSS malware exploitation.

Also, XSS can be used to send malicious downloads, plugins and media content. The hacker tricks a web application when that application allows data from an untrusted source. By that, attackers hack the system.