Anonymous collective Ghostsec hacks 1GB data of Arcotel, asks for President Lasso’s resignation

Anonymous collective Ghostsec hacks 1GB data of Arcotel, Telecommunications Regulation and Control Agency of Ecuador. Also, the hacktivist group comes up in support for the people who are struggling for their rights in Ecuador.

Moreover, the hacktivist group also asks President Lasso to resign from its position and supports the Ecuador citizens.

Ecuador is a country located in northwestern South America, near Colombo in the north, is currently experiencing a hard time.

On June 13, the indigenous people started protesting against the government. The people demanded for gasoline’s price reduction, price control on agricultural products and a big budget in the education field.

Along with other protesters, even the students joined the crowd for the same. Many people were sloganeering against the government which blocked the roads in Ecuador.

Moreover, even emergency security was imposed in several states. But the security measures were lifted when the officials held a meeting with Minister of Government Francisco Jimenez and other officials.

‘The national government ratifies the willingness to guarantee the creation of spaces for peace, in which Ecuadorians can gradually resume their activities’, the officials informed.

Additionally, even anonymous collective have stood up for the citizens rights. It mentioned, ‘We support the Indigenous Peoples in their current struggle for their rights. President Lasso must resign.’