Anonymous collective defaces Russian State Agrarian University Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy’s website

In the Russian State, Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy is one of the oldest agrarian educational institutions which was defaced by the Anonymous collective.

However, now the Russian counterparts have removed the data which anonymous has posted before.

The page on which the message was hosted now shows a 404 message, meaning the content has been removed.

The agricultural academy was developed on December 3, 1865 which works under the Russian Ministry of Agriculture’s supervision. The Academy was named after Kliment Timiryazev.

Kliment Timiryazev was a prominent Russian botanist and physiologist and a major proponent of evolution by natural selection.

Initially, the Anonymous collective constantly attacked Russian websites amid the war between Russia and Ukraine.

The hacktivists have announced a ‘Cyber War’ against Russia since its brutal invasion of the Democratic county of Ukraine.

Thousands of innocent people lost their lives during the war. Henceforth, the anonymous collective stood up for Ukraine people.

Numerous Russian websites have been hacked and leaked by an anonymous collective and it is still continued by them.

Recently, the hacktivist group Anonymous hacked the Russian Central Bank and leaked numerous sensitive files and other data of customers, etc.

Image of the defaced page, which has now been removed from the website


Additionally, the hacktivist group claims to support innocent Ukraine people and Russian people who are against this war.

The tweet:-