Adobe Acrobat aims to block the security softwares from checking PDF files

The security investigators have found that Adobe Acrobat is targeting security software to block it from monitoring the PDF files while opening it. Accordingly, this gives a higher chance of security risk for the users while using the software.

For the working of a security tool, the software needs to have visibility into all the processes on the system. Consequently, this is done by installing a dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) into the software products.

However, Adobe has also stated that its users have reported some issues due to the DLL components because of some security products which were clashing by using Adobe Acrobat’s CEF library. Also, the company has said that it is working to solve this issue. The company has assured that it will ensure proper functionality along with the Acrobat’s CEF sandbox design and its security softwares.

However, the Minerva Labs researchers have said that, rather to chose a solution to solve the compatibility problems, Adobe is creating a cyberattack risk to the software by blocking security software.