Qiwi denied being hacked, But NB65 showed proof of the hack

The hacker collective NB65 claimed to have stolen 10.5TB of data, which included 12.5 million credit cards and 30 million payment records. In addition, they claimed to have encrypted the QIWI databases.

The company had three days to contact NB65. At the end of this time frame, the hackers promised to publish a million records per day.

According to QIWI, the services are operating as usual, and customers’ personal information is secure.

The company’s attempts to deny everything were described as “hilarious” by NB65.

According to Anonymous COllective NB65, proof of the hack was being shared on the Twitter handle of the anonymous collective. NB65 stated It’s hilarious to us that Qiwi is denying everything. Here are some valid credentials that we totally didn’t hack… have fun: https://share.riseup[dot]net/#yKWf0AzMocydyjHSFUdVHw https://share.riseup[dot]net/#DYosdwWcNoLNeSOvng23e Play stupid games, win stupid prizes @QiwiRussia

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