Important Announcement By Elon Musk- Tesla will deliver FDA approved ventilators free of charge

In a recent tweet by the Tesla Chief Executive “Elon Musk” said that his company has some extra FDA approved ventilators and can ship to any part which is under Tesla delivering regions. He also said that it can be delivered free of charge to the hospitals without any shipping or handling. He also said that the only requirement would be that Hospitals should show that its for patients in need of it immediately and not for warehouse hoarding.

Tesla didn’t mention how many ventilators it will provide as of now or how the company will prioritize on dealing with the requests.

In this outbreak of Coronavirus governments around the globe have been making an open request to automakers and aerospace companies to come forward in making ventilators and other medical equipment. This outbreak has so far infected almost 800000 people and killed around 37500 around the world.

States in the United States have reached out for help from the Trump administration and private companies to help in giving them the medical equipment’s that they need.