Despite the claims by Apple, M1 Ultra couldn’t win the fight with RTX 3090

Apple announced M1 Ultra as the most powerful processor and could beat all of Intel’s best processors Nvidia’s RTX 3090 GPU on its own. This is not true.

According to Apple, the M1 ultra is a silicon material that combines two M1 max processors into a single chipset which makes the most powerful chips for personal computers. Apple’s M1 Ultra of brand new Mac Studio boasting in the chart with the relative performance. Apple reaches every number used to calculate the relative performance. But it is not faster than RTX 3090.

In the graph shown by Apple, The GPU performance of ultra M1 is higher than RTX 3090 while reducing the power consumption significantly. This is because the charts have been cropped due to the lack of better terminology. What Apple didn’t show in the charts is while the M1 ultra line stops more or less this confirms RTX has more power.

The chart for 3090 ends at about 320w  while Nivida’s card has a TDP of 350 W. Apple is accomplishing a  lot with so little power. The M1 ultra does do better than RTX3090 in specific. But The 3090line shoots up past the M1. Apple’s creativity in combining two processors into one has never been pulled by others.

Instead of Using charts, Apple should showcase its actual strength, benefits and triumphs to the customers