DDoSecrets releases 542 GB data of PSCB JSC Bank

DDoSecrets was able to obtain 542 GB of PSCB JSC Bank data.

Hacktivists from Network Battalion 65 hacked 229,000 emails and 630,000 files from the Petersburg Social Commercial Bank, also known as PSCB JSC Bank and was released by DDoSecrets.

PSCB JSC Bank as a universal Russian commercial bank provides a complete range of banking services to around 13,000 corporations, SMEs, individual entrepreneurs and private clients doing business in Russia’s North-Western region, including St. Petersburg & Leningrad Region and Moscow.

Previously, Network Battalion 65 successfully attacked JSC Bank PSCB in Russia and encrypted their network with their variant of the CONTI ransomware.

According to the group, they were able to exfiltrate over 1TB of data, including financial statements, tokens, tax forms, client information, and sensitive databases, before deleting all backups to prevent data and functionality restoration.

The hacktivists went on to mock the bank, saying how grateful they were that so many credentials were stored in Chrome – a browser for which several emergency security patches were recently released.

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