Can biometric authentication revamp our commerce experience?

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has brought on a lot of changes for us globally. One of them being, digitization. Almost everything has become digitally achievable. But what do these contactless interactions mean for us in the long run?

Secure contactless transactions will be essential to keep employees and customers safe in the post-pandemic shopping and workplace era. However, Some of these contactless procedures are already being deployed. As they become more prominent, consumers will enjoy shopping experiences that no longer rely on payments from card or cash.

Simple things we’d normally do in person like workplace meetings, college classes and even grocery shopping are now all done from behind a screen. But this is definitely becoming more and more normal, noted John Whaley, UnifyID founder and CEO. His company is developing some biometric authenticating technologies that will drive that new safety vision.

“None of these things is new. Industries have been talking about this type of automation for a while. The pandemic has merely accelerated everything in development and installation,” he told TechNewsWorld.

“The biggest challenge developers face with these new capabilities is letting people know about them,” Whaley said. “The push for safe and reliable biometric authentication is starting to hit many other industries with adaptations of touchless technologies.”

For instance, even a typical shopper’s experience has drastically changed.

The shopping experience involved viewing shelves of products, selecting choices, and placing them in carts.

Shoppers then process their purchases at a checkout counter. They get a printed receipt and walk out the door.

That process is changing to a more personalized procedure. For instance, as soon as you walk through the door, your Bluetooth or WiFi device will let store personnel know that you are there. The display screen will include when your last visit occurred. You will be greeted by alerts on your device for special sales and product information based on your previous buying, Whaley explained.

The world changes and we evolve with it. It has begun to look like biometric authentication and contactless interactions may in fact, be the future.