Zoom is updated and given the name “Zoom Team Chat”

To support the post-pandemic hybrid organizational structure, Zoom announced the new “Zoom Team Chat” (formerly known as Zoom Chat) on Monday. The company hopes to facilitate easier professional collaboration by launching the new Team Chat and giving teams the tools they need to interact swiftly and securely.

Zoom Team Chat is anticipated to provide a strong center with channels and conversations to connect workstreams, manage projects, and stay in touch with the entire team and important stakeholders. By combining chat, file sharing, third-party apps, video, voice, and a whiteboard in a single interface, Team Chat is meant to make collaboration simple.

Zoom is updated and given the name "Zoom Team Chat"

Within the Zoom application, users may now collaborate on a whiteboard, turn a chat into a meeting or phone call, or even share a recorded video message.

The team chats not only will be utilized for internal communications among staff, but it will also offer a smooth and secure means of contact for clients, vendors, and other external connections.

Zoom is modernizing its brand colors, typography, and product icons as part of the brand renovation, launching a global campaign by introducing a new visual element that symbolizes Zoom’s new unified platform.

The well-known Zoom logo will not change, but the company has launched a new visual to serve as the centerpiece of its advertising campaign to position itself as a place that integrates all work streams. The platform has also included capabilities including the ability to share in-meeting conversations with Team Chat, respond to scheduled meetings through chat, integrate with third parties, and flag messages using the “reminder” tool.

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