Sanpchat Was Down Today, here is the reason why! But now issue is resolved

Snapchat users are claiming that they are unable to send snaps to their contacts due to an issue with the programme. The problem has been established, and the company is working on a solution.

The photo-sharing app Snapchat has become the latest internet business to encounter server troubles, with numerous users reporting issues with the app. According to the concerns, some users are unable to send snaps to their contacts since the programme is not working correctly for them.

In a recent message, Snapchat recognised the ongoing problem. The business responded by tweeting that it is aware of the app issue that certain Snapchat users are experiencing and that it is “looking into it.” There have been no further details about the problem or when it will be resolved.

The problem has been resolved, according to Snapchat. Users who are still encountering issues can report it to Snapchat via social media.

The Snapchat outage was confirmed by Downdetector, with a strong surge at 4:30 p.m. IST today. Approximately 2,500 Snapchat users complained that the app was not operating on the website.

This is the most recent problem with an internet service in the last several weeks. Facebook Inc.’s products, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Workplace, have experienced two outages in the recent week. First, on October 4, the services were down due to a problem that took Facebook many hours to address. Until then, people from all platforms turned to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the situation.


WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram’s official Twitter accounts quickly recognised the problem and stated that they were working on a solution. Last Saturday, October 9, at least four Facebook Inc. platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Workplace – were affected by an outage that lasted roughly two hours between 12:30 am and 2:30 am (IST).


According to sources within the firm, this downtime is unrelated to the Monday incident. Even the problems that customers experienced during the two outages were different. The interruption in the early hours of Saturday, in contrast to the Monday outage, was modest. Except for the ability to publish a fresh photo to social networking sites, most of the functions functioned. Aside from that, the services worked perfectly for scrolling through the feed and other functions such as sharing Stories.