Latest Update On Windows 10: Android Will Be Coming Soon On PC

Microsoft is working on the software solution that will allow Windows 10 to run Android applications. A study said that developers of applications would need little to no code update to introduce Android apps to Windows 10 by packaging them as MSIX and enabling developers to send them to the Microsoft Store. The project has been code named ‘Latte’ according to rumours, and it could be made life as soon as fall next year.

Report: Android App Support Coming to Windows 10 With 'Project Latte' |  PCMag

Windows Central, a website that monitors Windows innovations, first mentioned the development. The study says Project Latte plans to use the Windows Subsystem for Linux to deliver Android applications on Windows 10 (WSL). Also, it said that actually to run Android applications on Windows 10, Microsoft would need to have its own Android Subsystem.

Android Apps May Make Their Way to Windows 10 – The Sunpedal Ride

This ensures that the applications that need the Play Services API would need to be changed before they can be sent to Windows 10 to delete such dependencies.
Although this sounds like something that can be helpful, Android apps can also run on Windows PCs through app streaming on Windows 10’s Your Phone app, since many Windows users use Android smartphones. This capability, however, is restricted to a handful of Samsung devices and has in the past proved to be somewhat glitchy.
According to the Central Windows study, Project Latte would allow software developers to migrate applications that do not have versions of Windows enabled. Also, the article said that next year Microsoft plans to launch Project Latte. And may ship as part of Windows 10’s fall 2021 build.
This isn’t the first time Microsoft has attempted to run Android software on Windows 10. The business had previously toyed with the concept through its Astoria Initiative, but it never saw the light of the day.