UFOs had sexual encounters with witnesses and left one woman Pregnant

Several witnesses claim that UFOs have had sexual encounters with humans and have even left one woman pregnant.

The absurd claims were made in Pentagon documents obtained and reported on by The Sun from the Defense Intelligence Agency.

The report, titled ‘Anomalous Acute and Subacute Field Effects on Human and Biological Tissues,’ looks into the health effects of paranormal experiences or “injuries to human observers by anomalous advanced aerospace systems.”

MUFON, a civilian research organisation based in the United States, compiled a list that was included in the report’s “useful database” and listed the biological effects of UFO sightings on humans as well as their frequency.

The report included strange occurrences such as “apparent abduction,” “unaccounted for pregnancy,” sexual encounters, telepathy experiences, and perceived teleportation.

According to the study, there have been five reported sexual encounters between UFOs and humans.

According to the report, UFO sightings can cause witnesses to be injured or suffer from radiation burns, brain problems, and nerve damage.