Shenzou- 14 crew’s five-hour long, second space walk occurred successfully

Shenzou- 14 crew have carried out their second spacewalk. It is their second spacewalk in less than three weeks. Chen Dong and Cai Xuzhe went out for around five hours, while Liu Yang stayed inside.

If we talk about the Chinese space station in the count they have performed a spacewalk fourth time since the beginning. It includes installing foot-limiters and extension pumps. And was the first emergency rescue outside the space station one pretending to be limp and immobile, and letting the other “save” him and bring him safely back into their home in space.

Spacewalk is a general drill or exercise that include several activities from installing various machines to performing safe drill for a problematic condition. It also ensures that the space station machinery is working properly.

The Chinese space station is following the spacewalk at regular intervals nowadays. According to reports that astronauts have returned to space stations by performing drills successfully.


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