Russian Kosmos 482 is all set to crash on earth

The Kosmos 482 which was launched by the Soviet Union in 1972. The space probe which was targeting the Venus is now set to crash on planet Earth as it couldn’t escape its orbit.

Marco Langbroek, a space consultant, has said that the object which was supposed to land on Venus – is in the final orbit around the Earth. That means that it is set to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere and crash against the living planet in the near future.

The object could enter the Earth’s atmosphere three to four years from now, around 2025 to 2026, according to Langbroek. The probe weighs around 1,180 kg and its entry will be hardly surprising.

The Kosmos 482 is expected to land between 52 degrees north and 52 degrees south latitude, covering much of south and mid-latitude Europe and Asia, as well as the Americas and the whole of Africa and Australia.

Earlier this year, a rocket stage of Chinese origin exploded on the far side of the Moon in March.