Photographer presents snap of the TSS as it traversed infront of the Sun

Juan Carlos Casado recently managed to take a snap of the Tiangong Space Station (TSS), while it was passing in front of the Sun. 

The photographer brilliantly captured the outline of the spacecraft’s modules and solar panels. 

The photographer prepared himself for two weeks anticipating the right moment from his backyard in Figueres, Spain. The Chinese TSS was presently undergoing construction at the time of capture and even now. 

Cassado asserted that this attempt to capture the TSS demanded from him awareness down to the second what time the TSS would be foreshadowed by Earth’s nearest star. 

According to reports, Juan mentioned that one could obtain passage predictions for space stations such as the Tiangong or ISS from the website. 

He expressed that he was aware before two weeks that the discussed passage would be observable from his house. However, he states that the time and geographic location has to be recalculated as the day of the passage approaches. This is because the orbital parameters of the space stations vary, as mentioned by the photographer. 

Casado made use of the Time app. This app makes simultaneous connections with several atomic clock servers. Thus, it ensures accuracy within about three-hundredths of a second or better. 

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