NASA expresses concern over unintended pregnancy in space

Sex in the space is an enthralling topic to discuss. However, NASA’s official policy prohibits conception in space. 

The reason behind this is that NASA is aware of the possible mess that an unborn fetus might face in the space conditions. NASA is concerned that someone might undergo an unintended pregnancy. 

According to space experts there are no known obstruction to human conception in space, anatomically or biologically. However, microgravity and radiation is capable of messing up a fetus to the extent of it getting killed. 

Science still does know not how space effects human bodies. However, there have been studies that states space is very hostile for human bodies. 

More studies have to be undertaken to discover the ins and outs of sex in space. There has not been any official record of sexual activity in space so far. However, there have been implications that makes one wonder how it would go. And those assumptions are intriguing. 

In one such discussion, Mike Mullane, a former NASA astronaut stated that he used to wake up to erections during missions, which could have ‘drilled through kryptonite’. 

Even though there has been concerns about microgravity bringing down one’s blood flow, Mullane’s zero gravity erection makes one think that it might actually aid sex.  

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