Judgement Day for Earth as a 600 feet wide asteroid is hurtling towards us at a speed of sound

As revealed by NASA, a 600 feet wide hazardous asteroid has set its sight on our planet and will come close to the earth by tomorrow, 30th July. The space agency has been classified as a potentially hazardous asteroid due to its large size and proximity.

According to the website of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of NASA that is dedicated to monitoring near-Earth objects, the asteroid which is 183 meters wide has been named 2013 CU83 and is predicted that it will fly past the Earth at a distance of 6.9 million km. As this distance may seem safe and far enough, it is a minimal distance to be covered by an asteroid. Scientists are mentoring to see if any last moment deviation occurs, they will have enough time to take appropriate measures.

NASA mentioned that an asteroid over the size of 100 meters if struck, can cause severe destruction to the Earth. The 180 meters wide asteroid could potentially impact Earth, everything within the radius of 100 meters could get destroyed and send shockwaves across the planet. It could also lead to dangerous earthquakes and Tsunamis if it causes tectonic plates to vibrate.

However, NASA is launching rockets as part of the DART mission, which will allow them to push an incoming asteroid a little and changes its trajectory to shield the world from any potential threats.