Elon Musk Tweets, Making life multiplanetary expands the scope and scale of consciousness

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted, ‘Making life multi-planetary expands the scope & scale of consciousness.’

‘It also enables us to back up the biosphere, protecting all life as we know it from a calamity on Earth.’

‘Humanity is life’s steward, as no other species can transport life to Mars. We can’t let them down,’ he added.

The world’s wealthiest man claims that Humanity is life’s steward and that no other species can trade their life for Mars.

Additionally, he revealed that his plan is to develop over 1,000 starship rockets to transport lives to Mars.

Elon claims that making life multi-planetary will give more opportunities for awareness.

It’ll also help to backup the atmosphere for protecting all life from the calamity on earth.

SpaceX is an American space launcher and provides space transportation services for the last 20 years and now it expects to transport life to Mars.

However, many people doubted Elon’s claim that whether it’ll work or not.

Whereas, many users criticised him for spending millions of money on such experiments.

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