Elon Musk states we are not using earth’s full energy capacity

ELon Musk took to twitter about how we are utilising earth’s total energy capacity. Elon was basically replying to a tweet by Nature Portfolio in which they stated Decisions on investment and policy are made under the assumption of continuous economic expansion. Thomas W. Murphy Jr writes in @NaturePhysics how physical limits may soon end this phase of development, as foreshadowed by The Limits to Growth.

To this Elon replied Technically true, but Earth’s economy is extremely far from physical limits. Energy is the foundation of the economy, but we’re using a very tiny amount of available energy, even if we only used PV.

Elon has been an advocate of green energy and has been claiming that the dependency on these non renewable sources are harming the environment.

Reliable energy access is the foundation of modern life and all modern economies. However, millions of people around the world still lack access to electricity, and billions more lack enough energy to be prosperous, competitive, and climate resilient. To lift all people out of poverty, we must raise global ambitions and move up the energy ladder. That next step is the Modern Energy Minimum.


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