China’s Shenzhou-14 astronauts lauds the creativity and zeal of youth from space

China’s Shenzhou -14 astronauts inspired the global youth by taking part in a live session via an online video link on Thursday. It was jointly joined by China Media Group and China Science and Technology Museum. 

The event was very interactive and beneficial for joiners because it had a series of activities one of which f was a painting activity whose theme was ‘drawing from space’. It also had a question and answer session with the name of ‘question from space’ gathered over 600 imaginative paintings and thousands of questions asked by curious participants. All the questions came from across 20 countries. 

Three Chinese astronauts, Chen Dong, Liu Yang, and Cai Xuzhe, who are on a six-month stay in orbit, shared their feelings about answering interesting questions and beautiful drawings of space. 

“We have seen your paintings from space. They are all very imaginative and interesting. Space is the common home of mankind. We believe that those who dare to dream about life in space will be able to make their dreams come true. Welcome to China Space Station,” said the three astronauts during addressing youth through video call. 

If We talk about the most asked questions from people all across the world, it was how Chinese astronauts live and work in the space station. Cai, one of the three astronauts, said that they all work altogether and rest as they do on earth, although it won’t be wrong to say that it feels strange to live in microgravity. 

The Wentian lab module launched in July expanded the living space in the space station, and the Mengtian lab module will be the next. Three more astronauts will join them via the Shenzhou-15 spacecraft by the end of this year.

Images drawn by school students to college students were spectacular to observe. Among so many types there was a drawing that had humans and aliens living together. The other one had rice drawings grown in space.

Currently, the combination of the Tianhe core module, the Wentian lab module, the Shenzhou-14 crewed spaceship, and the Tianzhou-4 cargo craft is in orbit 400 km above Earth.

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