A massive, fast-growing sunspot AR3038 doubled it’s size in just 24 hours!

A massive sunspot called AR3038 observed by NASA scientists has doubled its size within just 24 hours. Sunspots are dark magnetic fields on the photosphere of the sun responsible for causing solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs). Coronal mass ejections are the discharge of plasma and magnetic fields from the sun’s atmosphere.

Sunspots are usually dark-colored and cooler regions on the sun’s surface that can burst out to emit radiation. Sunspots have a very powerful magnetic field that wards off heat from touching the surface.

According to scientists, a fast-growing sunspot can induce solar flares to reach earth at a greater speed. Solar flares are observed to damage navigation systems, and radio communication networks, and increase ionization of the upper atmosphere.

Reportedly, the earth side which is facing AR3038 has a beta-gamma magnetic field. This magnetic field is so much unstable and can store medium-intensity solar flares. The strongest flare named M9 can cause a massive blackout in radio and satellite communications around the eath’s polar region.

Even though the flares emitted by AR3038 will not reach the earth but the radiation might make it. However, Scientists said that the solar flare might not cause harm as much as coronal mass ejections (CMEs) which are observed to derange geomagnetism.