Stranger Things season 4 all set to release – it’s a big one says Ross Duffer

Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror drama television series created by Duffer Brothers and produced by 21 Laps Entertainment via Netflix streaming platform.

Stranger Things is one of the hit series on Netflix which had 3 seasons and the 4th season is all set to get released.

Season 4 will be out with 9 episodes in total and will be released in 2 volumes. The first volume will come on screens on May 27 and the second volume will release on June 1.

Till Season 3, Stranger Things had 8 episodes and the time limit was 45 mins each episode but now, the time limit and episodes both are increasing.

Duffer Brothers, the creator’s of Strange Things, directed 5 episodes of this season.

Matt Duffer said, ‘A lot of it had to do with the fact that we had characters spread out in three locations and we had a lot more plot. It must be quadruple the plot we had in Season 3′, while having conversation with The wrap

And continued,’That was our fun blockbuster season. This season we knew that Season 5 was going to be our last, so we had to start revealing a lot.’

Even the location of this season was 4 times longer than that of earlier season’s.

When the writers wrote about the story for this season, the team concluded to have 9 episodes because of the length of storyline instead of 8.

For which,The Duffer Brothers had to ask Netflix for nine episodes instead of eight and as they started shooting they realized, “Oh these are mega-long episodes.”

Matt Duffer also said that,”Each time you sit down to watch “Stranger Things,” you’ll actually be getting a real movie. Seven and nine in particular are movies but Nine is a long movie.’ how long is yet to be finalized but they predicted that it would be over 2 hours, a real big one.

The gap between season 3 and 4 was 3 years and now the Season 4 is coming up with extra time and episodes the audience will have a lot on their plate to relish before the show returns back with their 5th and last season of Stranger Things.