Telegram’s Sponsored Messages feature is now available: Here’s how it works

Telegram, the popular instant messaging app, is scheduled to launch a new Sponsored Messages feature. Users will be able to market their channels and bots using this capability, according to the business.

Telegram is planning to launch a new service called Sponsored Messages. Users will be able to market their channels and bots using this capability, according to the business. Even with the addition of the new functionality, the business claims that there will be no adverts in Telegram chats. According to the firm, sponsored messages will not appear on your chat list, private chats, or groups. User data will not be used to target adverts, according to Telegram.

Sponsored messages will only be displayed in big public one-to-many channels with more than 1000 users, according to Telegram, and will be depending on the topic of the public channels where they are displayed. This means that no user data will be analyzed in order for them to be displayed.

Admins of one-to-many Telegram channels send frequent messages to advertise anything, according to the firm, and the introduction of Sponsored Messages will enable a more “user-friendly” approach to the same.

The Sponsored Messages functionality is still in beta testing and will not be available to all users right once. Telegram has claimed that once the function is fully operational and the firm has covered its basic expenditures, it will begin splitting ad money with the administrators of the channels where Sponsored Messages are displayed.

Telegram has stated that private data will not be shared with advertising. In addition, Telegram just released version 8.2, which included a number of new features. With additional options, managers have more control over who can join and access the conversation, making it easier for users to find the photographs or videos.

Users will be able to add captions to photographs uploaded on Telegram with the upgrade, which includes global chat themes, new interactive emoticons, and more.