Netflix introduces gamertag type handles for the gaming world on the OTT platform

Netflix is trying to enhance its game windows with new gamertag-type handles. Users can create and display them publicly when they play a selection of mobile games. This tags will help users identify each other and invite other users to play the games. The platform will also use these handles to represent the users the users in the leaderboards. 

Netflix gives a user the option to create and manage the game handle associated with their Netflix profile. This is similar to creating a gamertag or username in any other gaming platforms. Thus a user’s gamertag handle has to be unique. Netflix checks the tag’s uniqueness once the user inputs it. 

The gamertag is a unique public name that the user will use while playing games in the app. However, the Profile icon and name associated with that gamer handle won’t be displayed. The game handle can be changed anytime the user wants. 

Netflix has also made the option of information available in the app. On tapping “Learn More” in the Meniu, Netflix briefs that the gamertag, can be used to invite and play with other members. A member will also be able to check the online status of another user along with the other mentioned features. 

According to reports, Netflix rolled out gamertag handle option since last month to selected titles. This is inclusive of Into the Breach, Browling Ballers, Heads Up! and Mahjong Solitaire. 


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