Netflix games sees relatively low users, says reports

As Netflix has been continuously updating and upgrading its catalogue of games, it has been noticed that less than 1 percent of Netflix’s subscribers have maintained regular interaction. App tracking group Apptopia recently provided data, according to which Netflix’s games has an average of 1.7 million users per day. On the other hand, Netflix has 221 million subscribers across the world. 

The reports by Apptopia states that Netflix’s games have been downloaded 23.3 million times, ever since Netflix made the announcement of jumping into mobile gaming in November 2021. The streaming giant commenced their gaming services with just five games. This collection has expanded to over two dozen titles. The present games catalogue even includes game based on the Exploding Kittens card game, the League of Legends spinoff Hextech Mayhem and the strategy game, Into the Breach. In addition Netflix even has plans to add a game based on its original series “The Queen’s Gambit”. 

Netflix aims on doubling its current set of game titles to about 5o titles by end of year 2022. To execute this plan they have even acquired three indie game studios. Reports also states that, Netflix’s game downloads is slowly increasing over the course of almost one year since the games have been available. 

In the month of January, according to Apptopia, the total game download of Netflix stood at 8 million. Recent reports by Sensor Tower also shows that the game downloads have been growing as the total downloads stood at 13 million in June. 

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