Microsoft 365 breakdown affects Microsoft Teams as well as the Exchange Online

Due to the ongoing breakdown of the server, several Microsoft 365 services were affected. Consequently, several users have reported delays, sign-in failures and network issues while opening their accounts.

Accordingly, the services which were affected, also includes the Exchange Online’s email platform which is used for businesses purpose. Also, the Microsoft Team’s communication platform, as well as the SharePoint Online, the Graph API and Universal Print were affected due to the server outage.

Consequently, from the last nine hours, the customers have been facing the issues in re-login their accounts and also the emails are stuck in, rather being delivered. However, Microsoft has stated that it is been working on fixing the server and further investigation will be taken on to find the root cause of this outage.

Also, the Microsoft has said to its customers that they can find more about this breakdown from the admin center of the company.