It’s not meme by Canva it’s meme on Canva that’s surfacing on Twitter this time 

Whether you are a graphic designer or a meme creator you must be knowing the importance of Canva in your life. It’s the most important thing that a person can not even think of losing if he is a content creator.

But with a series of downfalls that’s happening with multiple apps across the world Canva has also fallen prey to this.

It’s just about a few hours back when Canva users were done with their graphic and picture work but when they went to download the work Canva did not let it happen. When multiple users underwent this it was found that this was a collective problem. The meme started surfacing when one of the users wrote

“Was trying to multitask and get some graphics done but


said she’s tired today lol”

Another user wrote

” Canva went down but it’s ok”

Canva has responded by saying that their team is working on solving this issue and an update about the issue will be given on the Canva status page.



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