Instagram is preparing to launch a ‘take a break’ tool that would ‘nudge’ adolescents away from dangerous content

Instagram will now include a function that will steer teens away from hazardous content and urge them to ‘take a break’ in order to make the photo-sharing app a safer place for them. The new features were introduced by Facebook vice president of global relations Nick Clegg, according to Reuters.

This news comes only days after an ex-Facebook employee turned whistleblower made explosive accusations regarding the company’s hurting of adolescents.

“We’re going to introduce something that I think will make a significant difference,” Clegg told CNN, “when our algorithms notice a youngster looking at the same stuff over and over again, and it’s content that may not be beneficial to their well-being, we’ll encourage them to look at other content.”

He also stated that the business is working on a tool that will ask teens to just log off of the site. The business did not provide a particular timeframe for when the new functionality will be available.

Following a barrage of criticism from child safety advocates, Instagram suspended its plans to introduce Instagram kids, a service for users under the age of 13.