Home Button will not make a comeback in any Apple Phone devices; Fingerprint Scanner makes a comeback in iPhone 13

With the launch of Apple 5s in December 2013, Apple introduced the fingerprint scanner in its devices which was embedded on its the home button.

Globally, Apple made a mark in the industry for better security reasons to add the fingerprint scanner on the device but however in 2017, home button and fingerprint was taken out from the design to avail the face ID feature.

When iPhone X was launched; It was the first smartphone to arrive with a big notch on the display along with the 3D face mapping system. However, it seems that the company is once again going to bring fingerprint scanner features with the upcoming iPhone 13 series.

Apple in it’s upcoming iPhone model is expected to use both Face ID and Touch ID which will be an in-display fingerprint sensor but will not include a home button, instead.

iPhones used to come with LCD Retina displays because of which it was a challenge for Apple to integrate in-display fingerprint scanners on LCD panels. However, now the iPhones are coming with OLED displays which makes it comparatively easy to merge the technology.