Top Apps to play free arcade games


The game has you faced off against bite – size arcade tests that echo fare you’ll find elsewhere on Google Play. There are dinky racers, micro – puzzlers, and tricky compressed platform games. Win enough stars and you unlock more worlds and games. It is 50 minigames in one. The games are fun and interesting. You can also make your own games in Fancade.

Tiny Tomb: Dungeon Explorer

The isometric visuals echo Crossy Road, and have vibrance and character as you dart about dank locations. You earn coins, kill skeletons and quickly learn to jump on and off bear traps to avoid losing one of your three lives.

Vertical Adventure

The game casts you as a tiny dot that for some reason needs to climb 60 levels packed full of obstacles. Between you and the finish line are a bunch of collectables. With careful aiming and a basic grasp of gravity, reaching the end shouldn’t be too tricky, if you’ve a reasonable sense of timing. The game is definitely worth your time.

Knight Brawl

Hitting everyone out there with weapons designed to do a serious damage. But rather than immerse you in blood and gore, Knight Brawl gallops towards the absurdist end of the fighting-game spectrum – and then keeps on riding. The game has realistic visuals, Cartoonish combatants bounce around.

Asphalt 9: Legends

It is the most popular and latest game in arcade racer franchises on mobile. The controls are simple enough and the graphics are quite good. There are a plenty of missions to complete and gain rewards, and has a competitive online PvP mode. The free to play elements can be a bit aggressive and the controls were arguably better than the previous games.