Three Essential Computer Items for Online Casino Lovers

Online casinos have boomed in recent years. This has been primarily down to their ease of use, functioning on mobile devices with increased graphics and playability. Yet for some people, casual play is not the goal. They may want to bring the sights and sounds of the casino into the home and make it as enjoyable as possible. 

With live games becoming more popular, getting a great online casino set up at home can make a huge difference. Below, we give three essential items to bring the online casino into your living room. 


Many casino games get designed for play on small mobile screens, so older titles really don’t require a high-specification monitor. However, more recent games have huge improvements over their aged counterparts, with smooth animations and vibrant color palettes. It is here you can replicate the casino floor in your home. When you play online slots at Betfair Casino, you can see that some games by top developers have graphics that are of the highest caliber. Games like God of Storms and Secrets of Atlantis benefit hugely from a large monitor, all of which can be played at the link. 

For this reason, you can go for a full HD or HD monitor. QHD and 4K monitors are unnecessary for casino and slot games unless you need them for other applications as well. The refresh rate is also important, and you will need one that is at least 75 Hz, ideally 120. However, the most important when recreating a casino through your computer is size. To get anywhere near the scale and grandeur of the casino, opt for the biggest one you can. 


This could possibly be the most important addition to help create the right atmosphere. For this, you have two choices. You can either go for a larger speaker system or headphones. 

Many modern headphones, particularly mid-range commercial ones like Beats, concentrate on sound canceling and blocking out the outside environment. However, they can also be bass-heavy. With casino gaming, you don’t need this as many of the slot sounds come from the treble ranges. Make sure you always opt for enclosed headphones as opposed to in-ear ones, which produce a more unnatural sound. 

You should also keep this in mind when it comes to choosing the speakers. You may find the store salesman tries to push expensive sub-woofers onto you, but you really don’t need them. Here, the size and shape of your room become much more important. 


When you are playing casino games, controls are always simple, so you don’t need anything special. Comfort is the top priority, so choose a mouse and keyboard setup that is ergonomic and right for your style. Logitech has a great range that should suit perfectly for every budget. 

The only time this may not be true is if you decide to play live dealer table games or slots that have interactive bonus rounds. In many of these, you can talk to the people in the studio through text. You may consider a larger keyboard with easier controls and a backlight for quick typing. 



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