PlayStation 5 shipment crosses 19 million units worldwide!

Sony has announced that its shipments for the PlayStation 5 have reached 19.3 million units worldwide as of May, 2022. Its financial report revealed this results which made the confirmation.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is selling quite well, but it is still behind the number of shipments of PlayStation 4. In the past quarter, PlayStation 5 was sold roughly 2 million units. Consequently, the operating profit of the company during last quarter was only rose by 15%. In this quarter, Sony sold about 92.7 million games on PS5 and PS4. Accordingly, of those, 11.3 million were first-party. However, PlayStation Plus was up, rather general decreases in games and hardware units sold. It saw 48 million subscribers in total.

However, Sony has lowered its expected revenue for the Game and Service forecast. This is because of the low amount of PlayStation 5’s Sony production. Despite the chip shortage, the company stated that it will try to meet the demand for the PlayStation 5. The financial report also revealed that shipment of PlayStation 4 was 117.2 million units worldwide. PlayStation 4 has been shipped around 117.2 million units globally till date. Additionally, the total number of PlayStation Network users has also been risen.