How to download PUBG on your PC systems

One of the most popular games in the youth and around the globe is PUBG. All around you will find people playing PUBG, in schools, offices, homes, restaurants etc. The game has gone on to become a huge success worldwide.

Mostly we play the game on our mobile, however, it is quite fun to experience it on a big screen like a laptop or a PC. There are some additional gamepads you can use but they are not that helpful. Especially in gaming, nothing beats the luxury of the keyboard or mouse.

Recently, Tencent has announced its official PUBG Mobile emulator which lets you play it even on a PC or a laptop, here are the steps in which you can download the game on a PC:

Download and install Tencent Buddy Emulator on your computer – First you will need to download it from the URL, once the URL is there you may proceed further to install Tencent Buddy Emulator.


Launch Tencent Buddy Emulator on your computer – Open the download folder and execute the file. Double click on Tencent and a window will pop up for your approval. You need to have 3GB of free space on your hard drive before beginning the installation process.


Next, download and install Tencent Emulator – After that, you will see the installing section, and you will need to click on the green ‘Install’ button. You can do it as quickly as possible or leave it as is and have it installed on the C: drive.


Begin the PUBG download procedure – After all this, you will see the game will begin to download, ensure that the internet connection is connected as Tencent Buddy will require an online connection. Also, more than 2.5 GB of available internet space is required, and the game is of almost 1.5 GB. After this, the game download process will begin. The game will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete downloading depending on your internet connection speed.