Gaming community to be blessed with Logitech’s enhanced G502 mouse series featuring “Lightspeed” technology

Logitech is presenting three new launches of mice, which features the new LIGHTFORCE hybrid optical-mechanical switches. These switches would offer precise actuation and prompt response for all the three launches. The three new mice are G502X, G502 X Lightspeed and G502 X Plus. 

Logitech G has combined both optical and mechanical components in their mouse. Now they feature one-optical-mechanical switches, which lets the user experience better reliability than traditional mechanical switches, while also providing better speed and control. Logitech makes use of galvanic contact components within the switch. This allows for a combined effect of both optical and mechanical triggers. According to Logitech, this allows an ultra-low latency experience. 

The Logitech G502 X Series stands at Rs 7995 for the G502 X, Rs 13995 for the G502 X LIGHTSPEED and Rs 14995 for the G502 X PLUS gaming mouse. 

The Head of Marketing of Logitech India expressed that they are aware of the community’s anticipation towards the next-generation offering. He asserts that G502 is an icon in the gaming world. 

These new launches features a thin-wall exoskeleton, which got crafted into a light-weight construction. It is robust enough to endure repeated use. It also comes in with a redesigned DPI-shift button. 

The G502 X has also retained the G502’s infinite scroll wheel in the new launches. The G502 X PLUS variant, however comes along with the LIGHTSYNC RGB, which allows a customizable playing experience. 


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