Cyberpunk2077 has just issued hotfixes 1.05

Hotfix 1.05 is currently live on Xbox and Playstation frameworks! PC adaptation will follow soon.

Here is the full rundown of changes:


Jackie will at this point don’t vanish in The Pickup or The Heist.

Fixed an issue keeping players from handling the helicopter in Love like Fire.

Fixed an issue with Takemura not bringing in Play it Safe.

It’s not, at this point conceivable to trigger a similar exchange twice in Big in Japan.

Fixed an issue with Delamain showing up topsy turvy toward the finish of Don’t Lose Your Mind.

Saul currently effectively arrives at the van in Riders on the Storm.

Quick going before the experience with Tyger Claws no longer breaks movement in I Fought the Law.

Fixed an issue impeding advancement in Ghost Town if an autosave made upon Raffen Shiv’s appearance was stacked.

Fixed an issue with not accepting new assembles or messages if Happy fizzled because of battle.

Elizabeth Peralez quits being unreasonably resolute with her shouts toward her proposition for employment is won’t.

The scene with Misty and Jackie now begins appropriately in the wake of leaving Viktor’s facility.

Wakako’s exchanges presently don’t get obstructed subsequent to completing Search and Destroy.

Leaving Stefan in Sweet Dreams shouldn’t keep different characters from calling you any longer.

Block’s detonator should now be appropriately interactable for players to incapacitate. Or then again set off. Your call.

Lift entryways should now accurately open in The Heist.

Saul currently accurately escapes vehicles in Riders on the Storm.

Fixed an issue with not getting new calls or messages in the wake of fleeing from Frank in War Pigs.

Jackie now accurately leaves the plant after the battle is done in The Pickup.

Fixed an issue with Militech fortifications not bringing forth if passing through the entryway excessively quick in Forward to Death.

Skipping time while in the club in Violence no longer outcomes in issues with movement.

Fixed issues with beginning Gig: Getting Warmer…

Fixed an issue with not accepting new calls or messages after Pyramid Song has been surrendered halfway.

Fixed an issue whereby Delamain center could be as of now broken when a player goes into the Core room in Don’t Lose Your Mind.

Fixed issues with Delamain not showing up or doing nothing outside the Afterlife in The Heist.

Fixed an issue with objective stalling out on “Converse with Viktor” in The Ripperdoc.

Fixed an issue whereby it was difficult to converse with the bouncer before Lizzie’s in The Information.

The added portrayal for Don’t Lose Your Mind in the Journal.

Fixed an issue keeping player from saving, utilizing quick voyages, and conversing with different NPCs subsequent to reloading a save with a functioning call with Frank in War Pigs.

Fixed an issue with Panam not calling about some other issue until I’ll Fly Away is finished.

Fixed an issue with Dum following V after The Pickup is done.


Improved the response seasons of NPCs hiding.

Rectified the quantity of shots expected to slaughter regular folks in a good way while in battle.


Fixed an issue with Delamain’s picture showed on top of the current guest during calls.

V’s mouth doesn’t remain open in the wake of entering the space lock-in Where is My Mind.

Fixed some UI cover issues.

V shows up more unobtrusive in the stock see after the half-year montage 😉

NPCs are quicker to show up in the mission territory during Stadium Love.

Added some glow to HDR.

Fixed T-presenting NPCs in Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Just Say No and Gig: Hot Merchandise.

Fixed an issue whereby after a braindance it was conceivable to be stuck in third individual view with no head.

Silencer symbols are not, at this point showed with no picture in the stock.


Fixed an issue with weapon crosshair continuing on screen.

The stock menu no longer closes following opening it unexpectedly in the wake of leaving a vehicle.

Fixed an issue whereby after getting to a quick travel terminal the catch appeared on the upper right corner provoking to open the mission diary would not work.

Execution and Stability

Various security upgrades, including crash fixes.


Offscreen blasts make commotion now.


[AMD SMT] Optimized default center/string use for 4-center and 6-center AMD Ryzen(TM) processors. 8-center, 12-center, and 16-center processors stay unaltered and carrying on as proposed. This change was executed in participation with AMD and dependent on tests on the two sides showing that exhibition improvement happens just on CPUs with 6 centers and less.

Fixed an issue with the manner in which Raw Input is gathered.

Taken out the utilization of AVX guidance set in this manner fixing crashes happening toward the finish of the Prologue on processors not supporting AVX.

Taken out troubleshoot reassure to forestall capacities that could prompt crashes or impeded missions. This doesn’t mean we would prefer not to help the modding network. Remain tuned for more data on that.

Beam followed reflections should presently don’t appear to be too brilliant in contrast with the climate.

Fixed an issue with Steam Overlay crash on game closure.

Taken out the memory_pool_budgets.csv record. which was not associated with the last form of the game and had no impact on (it was an extra document utilized during the advancement to gauge memory utilization. It had no impact on how much memory was really distributed). Seen execution increment subsequent to altering the record may have been identified with restarting the game.

Reassure explicit

Improved picture sharpness with Chromatic Aberration and Film Grain on.

Settings should not, at this point reset to default after a few game meeting restarts.

Fixed visual issues happening during the change between The Heist and Love Like Fire.

Amended the vibe of a few vehicles.

[Xbox] Entering battle while Synaptic Accelerator is dynamic no longer finishes in player wellbeing bar not being shown.

[Xbox] Game not, at this point becomes lethargic when marking out from a profile when the regulator disengagement message is obvious.

Telemetry assent solicitation will show up again because of a prior issue with settings reset.

Fixed an issue whereby it was conceivable to tumble down the deep opening in Megabuilding H8 in Automatic Love.