The journey of an iPhone and how it made it big

iPhones are considered as one of the most upgraded handsets.

Though each iPhone has a huge difference in features and storage capacity, there is still an equal craze for iPhones as there was in the initial days.

Who brought the iPhone to market?

The iPhones is a smartphone designed and published by Apple Inc., which uses Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.

The very first iPhone was announced by Steve Jobs (CEO of that time) in January 2007, with a 2G network with an internet connectivity system.

After which, Apple has annually announced and published iPhones, new models, with Apple iOS system updates.

By November 2018, the company marked the sale of iPhones reached 2.2 billion.

History of iPhone – 

Basically, the iPhone was a tablet which later got developed into an iPhone.

The ‘i’ in iPhone stands for internet, individual, instruct, inform, and inspire, said Steve Jobs, the first CEO of the Apple company.

And the reason behind its logo which reflects half bitten Apple is to create a buzz among computer fans as it rhymes with ‘Byte’- a computer unit.

However, it’s not confirmed that this angle was a thing for logo making.

The manufacturers of iPhones are mostly in East and Southeast Asian countries which include China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

iPhones are mostly gathered in Chinese factories which have some significant advantages over US factories.

The evolution of the iPhones in the market:

As per records, starting from the sale of the 2007 – 1st generation iPhone to the 2022 – 3rd generation iPhone, Apple Inc has released 34 iPhones in total.

The latest iPhone is the iPhone 13,13Mini, 13pro, and 13 pro Max released in September 2021.

The differences between the iPhone and other updated smartphones are what make Apple Inc stand apart.

The first model of the iPhone had 128MB storage capacity which increased as per the demand and needs of the public.

The latest iPhone models contain storage in GBs (Gigabyte) in the device.

Earlier, the iPhone devices had a full 3.5 mm screen with a home button at the bottom.

Since iPhone X, the displays switched to a bezel-less front screen design with app switching activated by gesture recognition.

Even the accessories of the mobile have changed from earphones to earbuds and earpods which have access to Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

Battery life has also increased in iPhones along with its system upgrade.

The following iPhones are found in the market:

The iPhone models market can be traced back to 2019, iPhone 11, 12, 12 mini, 13, 13 pro, 13 pro max, 13 mini and iPhone SE.

The investors :

There is no doubt that Apple is considered one of the most successful technology companies.

Recently, the company’s stocks have made their way to radar screens which gained big shot investors.

Craig Federighi –

He owns 318,592 Shares and also serves as the Vice President of software engineering at Apple.

Robert Mansfield –

Robert owns 346,801 Shares and serves as senior vice president of Technologies at Apple.

Tim Cook –

Cook owns 950,767 shares and is currently serving as the CEO of Apple Inc.